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Summer Activities

There are so many activities to try this summer, and so many people you’ll want to share them with. Don’t let a hearing loss stop you from enjoying yourself and participating to the fullest extent. Call us today at 405-272-6027, if you’d like to find out more about the various settings on your hearing aids so that you can use them to hear everything you need, and have your most fulfilling summer yet!

Summer is here, and with it comes all kinds of sounds you’ll want to hear. Here are ten activities for which you’ll want your hearing aids this summer. So pop by your clinic and get your hearing aids cleaned, checked and ready to go for the hot weather months to come!

1) Your grandchild’s graduation: It might be from middle school, high school, or even university, but June is approaching and this is the season of graduation ceremonies. If you have a grandchild graduating this year, it’ll mean so much to have you there, and it’ll be even more fulfilling for you to hear their name announced as they walk across the stage.

2) A fishing trip: Fishing trips are a quieter activity, but every once in a while, facing a calm lake, you might end up talking a bit. This is where the omnidirectional microphones in your hearing aids will come in handy; if you’re on the setting for a quieter listening environment, these microphones will pick up the sound of speech coming from beside you. You can also use hearing aid-compatible accessories like a clip-on remote microphone for your fishing buddy to wear.

3) A baseball game: From the Redhawks to the Rangers and everything in between, there’s baseball to be enjoyed this summer! Make sure you don’t miss out on any calls over the loudspeaker, and join in on the cheers and songs going on in the stands around you throughout the game.

4) A backyard board game: Playing Monopoly with your grandchildren under a patio umbrella is a wonderful way to spend a summer afternoon. The directional microphones in your hearing aids will make sure you can hear the person you’re facing clear as day, and you won’t miss a detail of the game.

5) An outdoor concert: Set out some lawn chairs for a summer evening outside listening to the live music of your choice. Some concert venues and stages will even offer Assistive Listening Devices so that your hearing aids can tune directly into the concerts’ sound system.

6) A walk on the boardwalk: Whether you’re on the lakefront or at a conservation area, your hearing aids will help you catch the sounds of seagulls squabbling, trees rustling, and other animals off in the distance as you enjoy the warm weather outdoors.

7) Lunch on a restaurant patio: It’s the time of year when restaurants move their seating out onto the sidewalk so you can enjoy the sun while you eat, but with that sun comes passersby chattering and cars rushing past. The speech-in-noise setting on your hearing aids will help you keep up with the conversation around the table.

8) Afternoon at the museum: When it gets too hot out there, you can always spend an afternoon indoors at your local museum.  Make sure to check at the front desk, because they’ll often have Assistive Listening Devices available to wear around your neck. They’ll allow your hearing aids to stream the sound from any audio exhibits directly into your ears.

9) Your grandchild’s sports game: Maybe your grandchild plays soccer in the summer, maybe baseball or t-ball. Either way, you’ll want to hear the calls from umpires and referees, the coaches’ encouragement, and the cheers from the sidelines. Let’s go team!

10) Farmer’s market days: You likely have a farmer’s market that opens up on weekends at a nearby park or square. These make for great social days, visiting different stalls and picking up fresh foods for the week ahead as others bustle around you. This is a great opportunity to use your speech-in-noise setting, letting you communicate with vendors and your companions even in such a noisy environment.