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Cart_Photos3_mediumIn-the-Canal SoundGear for Shooters

SoundGear In-the-Canal is the smallest and lightest dynamic digital hearing protection product on the market. Ready to wear right out of the box, it rests discreetly inside your ear to deliver natural wind reduction and superior sound quality.

  • Suppresses noise at 93dB
  • 25dB NRR

Cart_Photos2_compactOur complete kit comes in a convenient carrying case and contains:

  • One pair of SoundGear devices
  • Orange silicone sleeves – (1) small (1) large
  • Black silicone sleeves – (1) small (1) large
  • Two packs of batteries (Size 10)
  • One cleaning brush
  • 1-year limited warranty

MHSOK Price: $299.99 — MSRP: $399.99

Trust Your Ears to SoundGear

Whether you’re in the woods or on the range, hearing clearly is key to communication, success and your safety. Yet, the competing need to simultaneously protect your hearing from the deafening sound of muzzle blasts has — until now — created a unique noise management challenge.

SoundGear changes all that.

High Definition Sound Enhancement. Automatic Noise Suppression.

100% digital SoundGear is a brand-new category of electronic hearing protection that enhances environmental awareness while also protecting your hearing from gun blasts.

Each SoundGear instrument features advanced digital technology capable of enhancing sound 8X over traditional hearing protection products, and uses seamless sound activated compression to trigger instant and automatic suppression of any noise over 95dB. Best yet, all this performance is packed into the smallest device on the market – making it the leading choice for hunters and shooters who are looking for an alternative to earmuffs.